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Ways To: Organize our Wardrobe

Come on! Hurry up! I'm getting super late today😅, I can't find my red top where it is😒. I haven't even made by breakfast yet, I have to rush out of our house in 10 mins and I'm not ready at all:( I have to complete my makeup in mins, pack my bags, make breakfast and what not. I am not able to find my red top:(

We just hate when we are late. The most important thing where we don't understand what to do is when we are not able to find the tops or jeans we are looking for. Sometimes we just end up by just not going to work 😅, we all can relate with that. 

But from now you don't have to worry anymore cause this complete guide will help you organize your wardrobe / closet like a pro😎

Shall we start? 

Let's dive in!

1) Clean Closet/Wardrobe 

Grab some coffee☕, spend a day and clean your closet/wardrobe. We should clear our closet atleast once in a week. Once we have separated the clothes🥼, shoes👠, accessories👓, jewelries💍 etc. And some clothes for charity donation😊

It's time⏰ to dive in and give the closet a deep cleaning. Wipe down the shelve, vacuum the carpet and scrub any dust or stain that remains.

2) Store the clothes by category

We all know this technique but when we will apply this technique it will make a huge difference when we want to locate our red top in a closet.

Let's Organize :)

Store all your full sleeves top separate from all sleeveless tops, hang your sundresses alongside each other, store your workout clothes separate from your daily use clothes. 

3) Roll up t-shirts, pajamas into storage box

How to Fold Clothes for Organized Dresser Drawers | Dresser drawer  organization, Clothes closet organization, Organization bedroom

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There are many things that we can store like this👆🏼. Items like Leggings, Cotton shirts or any other cloth that are thin and easily foldable. This technique is super space saver if we do it right. 

Let's do it :)

Simply fold them in half and roll them into cute little tubes. Store your rolled clothes into storage boxes or basket (It's our choice).

4) Store the daily use clothes in front of you 

We should keep our daily wear clothes in front of us. Like, store them in the middle of the closet/wardrobe at an eye-level 👀. It will help you to find the things you use everyday. And it will also help you to reach your destination on time⏰

This technique is simple but really helpful and effective at the same time.

5) Let's be creative

It's time to be creative😍 guess why? because we are gonna design our dream closet/wardrobe space. Are you excited? Because I'm super excited to design my own dream closet space. Select a day, grab some snacks and let's work together😊

And yes it's possible to design your ideal closet space without using tons of money or if you want you can use money. Let's Take some notes 📝: If we have lots of storage space, shelves, drawers and multiple hanging rods we should not ignore them rather we should take advantages of these. 

Some examples of organizing clothes: Try to store your T-shirts like the Roll Up method (Technique 3) , Categorize the clothes by category and much more!

Important Note📝: If we are creative enough then it's possible to organize a closet without having a closet/wardrobe. We can organize almirah, small storage space creatively if we want to because we all know nothing is impossible.

Thank you for reading😊


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