Home Decoration Ideas for Every Home

Home Decoration Ideas for Every Home

Home is the place full of Happiness, We feel safe & secure when we are at home. We all love to stay home talk to our family, make some food, play with our children etc. And we all know "Family who eats together stays together" 

And it's our responsibility to make sure that our safest place on earth looks beautiful. Every home whether its small or big has its own vibe🌈. And you know what creates the vibe?🤔 Any guesses? The answer is its design and decoration. The color selection, furniture selection, decoration items, plates etc. 

We all love to decorate our home, but sometimes we just mix and match things😅 that don't go with each other. Like for example, the color of your room is blue but the color of the frames on the wall are brown🙄 you can imagine how bad it can be. But if your room is blue and the frame color is hot pink then its a win-win situation😍 because light blue and hot pink are just like perfect couple made for each other🥰.

Just like the above example👆🏼 I'm gonna share with you some facts about decoration your home and make it a perfect place for family❤

Lets dive in!

Color Coordination

The 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 rule will ensure you that the color in your room are well balanced. But before that let's know, what is 60-30-10 rule? It is a decor rule that helps to create a perfect color palette for your room. 

Let us know what 60-30-10 rule refers to. It states that the main color of your room should have 60% of design, the second color should have 30% of design and the accent color 10%. This guideline is not just for coloring the walls it's also for covering furnishings, pillow cases etc.

Color Wheel/Palette 

The Color Wheel or Palette is the perfect guide to choose and match colors for the interior design.

Now, Lets understand what are primary, secondary and tertiary colors are. Are you guys excited?

In this guide you will see more n more topics related to interior design and home decor. Grab some coffee☕, sit back n relax and now let's have some colorful🌈 talk.

Primary Color

The 3 primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue

Secondary Color

The 3 secondary colors are Orange, Green and Violet

Tertiary Color

The 6 Tertiary Colors are Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Violet, Red-Violet and they are formed by mixing primary color with a secondary color.

Fun Fact: The color wheel shows the relationship b/w Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Color and it also helps to demonstrate the color Temperature.

Let's see how?

Color Temperature

Yes! You heard that topic correct, we are now talking about which color has what temperature feel. By the Way how's the coffee☕, hope you are enjoying the article and learning more topics. 

Now let's know more about Color Temperature. We have all seen a color wheel right? at least once in our life when we have to decide what colors we want in our home, we select colors from a color wheel. 

The colors on the red side of the wheel are warm and the colors on the green side of the wheel are cool. But here a twist, the colors on the red side can also be known as cool🤯. Ask why? Try to guess once🤔 The reason behind is, it depends on the relationship to their neighboring color. Colors from the same shade for example red, can also be warm or cool than the other one. More fine color temperature relationships are relative.

Let us see the difference b/w Warm color and Cool color 

Warm Colors

Warm colors include Red, Yellow, Orange, combinations of these colors and similar colors. These colors are likely to make you imagine of warm things, like sunlight🌞, heat or cup of coffee☕ By that, I hope you enjoyed your coffee. 

Here's a trick for your room interior, Warm colors are also used to make large rooms look cozy. If you have a large room you should definitely try this trick.

Cool Colors

Cool Colors include Blue, Green and Light Purple. Cool colors are calm and smooth and they remind you of sky, ice, water and everyone's favorite snow❄.

Like I mentioned above warm colors look cozy in large rooms, but cool colors are a perfect match for small rooms. If you want your small room to appear large you should surely paint your room with cool colors. 

Color Emotion😀

Every color whether warm colors or cool colors they have some emotion attached, and we feel them when we see those colors. Like, when we see warm colors we feel cozy🛌🏼 and lively. Warm colors are the great choice of rooms that see lot of activity. Cool colors make us feel calm, refreshed and relaxed😇. Cool colors are a perfect choice for room like bedroom, bathroom etc. where you go to relax and unwind yourself.

The Rule of Three

This rule states that using this rule in design results in an amazing and balance decor. It's just about using the odd number while designing your home🏡, which don't stop with the number three. We can use any odd number.

Now, Let's see how we can use this rule:

While following the Rule of Three, you will select three colors to use with your color scheme. The color choice is up to you, what colors you want to choose that will go with your color scheme and then you can use the rule of three colors. 

Home Decor

In this section we are going to see some unique and must have home decoration ideas that are suitable for every home. 

Let's get started!

Living Room Decor

Living room is the First place everybody notices when they enter in your home. So, we should make our living room beautiful yet simple and sober. Let's see how

Changing Setup

Sometimes we just need to change the arrangement to the living room