7X50/10X50 Powerful Marine Binoculars With Rangefinder Compass Low Light Night Vision HD Waterproof Telescope

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Product Specifications:

  •  50 mm large objective lens, FMC multi layer broadband green film
  • The objective lens uses 50 mm aperture optical glass, which has a large amount of light, and is plated with FMC full-band anti-reflection green film. The imaging is sharp and sharp, and the internal extinction pattern is processed to eliminate stray light.
  • 22 mm large eyepiece, FMC multi layer broadband green film
  • The eyepiece has a size of 22 mm and is a veritable large eyepiece. It is ergonomic, comfortable to view, and has a wide field of view Environmentally friendly rubber skin, using environmentally friendly rubber skin, non-toxic and harmless, non-sticky, non-sticky, anti-oxidation; crawler-type non-slip grip decorative pattern, comfortable feel, good anti-slip effect.
  •  Brand logo, the basic parameters such as Bossler's logo and model are printed on the mirror,
  •  Coordinate compass light port, equipped with military standard coordinate compass reticle, can measure distance and distinguish the direction, use in daylight or low light, be careful not to block the light port with your fingers, turn on the power switch next to black.
  •  Interpupillary memory scale, there is an interpupillary scale indicator on the central axis, only one adjustment is needed. For example, if the interpupillary distance is 71, it can be directly adjusted to 71 next time. It has a memory function.