H&A - Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

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Designed with superior Hi-Fi sound, a secure fit and IPX-7 waterproof rating, the H&A - Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are your perfect workout companion. Crafted by audio's finest award-winning engineers, our earbuds bring next-generation technology to today's active listener. 2000 mAh charging case can full charge 15 earphones around 3 times

Superior technology means superior sound: experience top-shelf sound quality and bask in its incredibly powerful bass, crisp mid-highs, and crystal clear vocals. Enjoy your own personal bubble that encompasses you in premium acoustics.

Never-Drop Design - Ultra light-weight, with silicone ear buds guarantees comfortable wearing for a long time.

Back Up For Your Devices - with a massive 2000 mAh battery, the charging case can provide additional charging power for your smartphone or other mobile devices. It’s a reliable emergency power supply in times of need.