Jump Trainer

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Jump Trainer~

 Here Jump Training Resistance bands do not hamper the most efficient use of natural movement hips, legs, and feet.

Here are some awesome highlights of legs band for running and speed that will benefit you for sure.


Reduces physical InjuriesLeg Bands adds gradual resistance to the same movements of the body thereby helping to jump higher at a slow pace over time.

Encourages natural movements- Legs workout bands just add sufficient resistance in the same routine of running, jumping etc without any drastic changes between your fitness goals and strength training.

Adjustable for most waist sizes – Exercise waist belt and ankle straps are easily adjustable over the most waist sizes. 

Trains multiple muscles - Trains hamstrings, quads, calf, and hip muscles while doing jumping, stepping, squats, lunges making them super-specialized resistance bands for legs and butts. It improves balance, strength, cardio stamina.