Best Lens ball for Photography

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Get the best Lens ball possible with our natural Best lens ball for photography!!

Natural Crystal Ball-


1. Adopt premium crystal material to enable high refractive index, clear enough to reflect the beautiful scenery and things around perfectly, the crystal clear ball will bring you a sense of purity to calm you down and get rid of distractions in your mind.
2. Delicate workmanship enables high transparency with no bubbles, no impurities and no cracks, easily represent the reflection to create a fantastic and stunning combination visual effect.
3. With diameter of 7 cm for palm size fit and easy grips, you can effortlessly hold it in your hands for self-entertainment and carry it outdoors to widely applicable for your desired scenes and places.
4. Odorless and harmless material will not cause any formaldehyde pollution to your living environment, can be used as home decoration,  craft figurine, souvenir, paperweight, and etc.

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