Spiky Trigger Yoga Massage Ball

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  • Good color, no smell, children and pregnant women can use at ease.
  • Professional massage balls made of high-grade silica gel are environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • Massage acupuncture points or the trigger point of injury has a good effect.
  • Light and compact design, you can carry around.
  • It is not easy to dye and clean, so you can use it at ease.
  • Half an hour's massage every day can eliminate your physical and psychological exhaustion and also regulate endocrine circulation.
  • It is very suitable for whole body massage, such as palm, foot, ankle, arm, neck and back.
  • Can be used for palm or sole squeezing massage, physiotherapy rehabilitation, strength rehabilitation after trauma, stroke hemiplegia physiotherapy, and elderly and young people. Strength training for children.

Package Included:

1 x Massage Ball